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Educational Research

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Educational Research: Educational research is designed for institutions seeking innovative ideas to improve the learning process, development of methods and practicum necessary for advancement. Essentially an expert for Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC™  can develop appropriate resources to meet the institutional needs.  In a collaborative relationship,  Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC™ can create a win-win situation whereby developing effective tools and maintain original ideas. Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC™, provides precise details on how learning process takes place and delineate the formal and informal processes of the education process.  The culmination function is to promote a comprehensive knowledge about human, culture and the social process at large. The process revolves around previous knowledge, solving new or existing problems or developing new theories. There are several types of research that Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC™ will discuss with the institution at the initial contact.
Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC™ steps in conducting research
Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC™ utilizes the hourglass model structure of research and follow these broad steps:
Identification of research problem
Literature review
Specifying the purpose of research
Determine specific research questions or hypotheses
Data collection
Analyzing and interpreting the data
Reporting and evaluating research
Communicating the research findings and, possibly, recommendations


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Research process aimed at providing innovative knowledge or in-depth understanding of a topic or problem. An expert at Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC™, can help the institution the necessity for exploratory research, a valuable research or empirical research. Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC™, can assist the organization in conducting qualitative or quantitative research based on the research topic necessary for investigation and the quest to answer the research question.


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