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Members’ Beliefs & Pledge


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Welcome to EFECLLC Membership:

Membership in Educare for Exceptional Children, LLC is open to anyone who wants to make a concerted effort to learn about teaching methodologies and effective teaching practices in the 21st century. Our approach is both research-based and hands-on practice. We focus primarily on members who want to work collaboratively to make learning engaging for all students and stimulate students to reach their highest potential to enable them to compete in the global world regardless if they are gifted or have special needs.

It is an outstanding commitment to become a member, and your pledge entitles you to a wide range of opportunities for services and resources that can help you achieve your goals. By signing up online, you can begin to register, to stay abreast with relevant information in education and keep your contact information current. We are compelled to embark on a journey of exploring technology, deploying innovative and creative strategies that work to meet the growing needs in education. Therefore, we will continue to improve our website; your recommendations and suggestions are probably relevant, and we want to meet your needs. It is important to remain proactive throughout the year, and partake in any of our events that best suit meet your requirements.

While your membership does not guarantee your success in your undertaking, it is pivotal to be encouraged and remain proactive. EFECLLC makes a concerted effort to the empowerment of students with the right skills to succeed in the 21st century. We can undoubtedly guarantee your growth because we will move you from teaching methodology to effective practices. We look forward to working with you and wishing you much success in your commitment to membership with EFECLLC.

EFECLLC Team Management

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