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About Us

EFECLLC is a reputable and innovative management pedagogic consulting firm, established to collaborate with institutions attaining to achieve the school learning needs of the 21st century. It is a branch of a national network of educational leaders and educators who believe in helping children to reach their potentials. EFECLLC provides insights for institutions seeking advancement, growth and reform through a multicultural approach to education, environmental education, art education and emotional literacy.

Our Mission
EFECLLC seeks to work collaboratively with policy makers, legislators, educators, educational leaders, and EFECLLC’s members. EFECLLC Consultants are proactive in research method and effective teaching practices. As a 21st century-driven company, predominantly made up of educators, professional contractors and consultants, EFECLLC is dedicated to the effectiveness of the ethical practices. EFECLLC acknowledges the policies and academic frameworks that are compelling to the provision of a nurturing learning environment. The professionals and business system at EFECLLC aimed at offering an array range of consulting services; professional development, and conduct research are reached in collaboration with other educational institutions. There is a quest to strengthen EFECLLC community of learners. EFECLLC growing network of experts facilitates serving the communities in need of seeking advice.

Our Vision
EFECLLC focuses on embracing a humanism-holistic approach to increasing educators’ participation, enhancing the infrastructure of institutions and developing the quality of education for the learners. EFECLLC focus is tailored to organizational growth plan by engaging in assessment need for reform, strategic planning and creates evaluation tools to meet the desired outcome.

EFECLLC’s Focal Points:
Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC brings new 21st century perspectives on the table. EFECLLC strategically customizes the consulting services by focusing on closing the achievement gap and preparing students for the global workforce.

  • EFECLLC has a mission, a vision and set goals that gear towards student achievement and success.
  • EFECLLC has pledged members, consultants, contractors and applied volunteers.
  • EFECLLC has qualified consultants and contractors in Educational Leadership, Special Education, Editors, Technology, Music, Art, Environmental Issues and Learning Managers.
  • EFECLLC strives for excellent and is committed to ongoing growth in understanding teaching methodologies and effective practices.

EFECLLC’s Practices:
EFECLLC consultants seek to improve the framework of institutional organizations by using policies, rules and governance of the organization data and analysis as the basis for decision-making. EFECLLC takes pride in educational reform, eliminates ineffective approaches. EFECLLC also seeks to redefine effective practices or altering practices that may hinder the overall operation of the organization. Our practices may include observations, market analysis, giving advice, making recommendations, adding or eliminating positions within the operational structure. The ultimate decision is made by the customers and availability of resources.

Collective Special Skills and Achievements:
EFECLLC Consultants and Contractors have demonstrated to be task oriented, strategic thinkers, and strategic planners, experienced in problem solving techniques, well versed in many instructional strategies, curricula and pedagogy. EFECLLC consultants have skills to analyze an issue, develop and implement a plan to remediate problems in education. Other qualitative attributes that make us distinguishable are technologically savvy, collegial, result driven, resourceful, analytical, organized and creative.

EFECLLC’s consultants bring outside knowledge, and a depth experience that can assist the client to reach a proposed task successfully. EFECLLC’s rating in implementing differentiated instruction has increased tremendously; EFECLLC has facilitated learning for all students, and developed action plans for closing the achievement gap. EFECLLC Consultants have successfully been approved by EFECLLC board based on their academic backgrounds, work experiences, special skills such as communication and excellent human relation skills.



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