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A Story of an Inspired Writer.

I wrote an email to a colleague, expressing my gratitude for information that was shared. It was really a matter of being responsive. The colleague had commented that I never give any feedback. So, I did. When responded, I sent my first draft. It is something I would do when I want to be most genuine and less logical. In this email, I used the word leave instead of live. The next day, one colleague confirmed she had received it. She commented on this. I was receptive enough to revisit what was written, I then realized that I meant live. So, I said thanks for the constructive criticism. Another colleague reached me and said, “what a nicely written statement.” I responded, honestly? Did you noticed the word ” leave” vs. “live”? Oh yeah, it is contextual, flawless and errorless according to artificial intelligence. But, I’d rather say live. I probably should have waited and forwarded it when my mind was less tired. I have used editing services where I was delighted. Likewise, I have used editors who would make changes to the context. I have also used artificial intelligence editing which was helpful. Perhaps, artificial intelligence tends to be less critical in detecting what may be considered human perceptions or subjective. While I seek to continue to reach perfection, I just need to develop a conceptual way to remember the rules of the written English Language and hopefully be the writer that I want to be. One who will likely write an impeccable 1st draft. I can do it if I am convinced that my readers will understand.

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